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Wellness Babe was founded in 2011 by Kara Frair. As a 2-time childhood cancer survivor, Kara was forced to examine her lifestyle when a third cancer diagnoses was imminent. After a ton of research, a serious lifestyle change and a clean bill of health, she finally found the answer to the ever-present question, why?--(two words: pop tarts and hotdogs) You read that right. Kara figured out the connection between lifestyle and disease that so many people ignore. Shortly after graduating from Winthrop University in 2011, Kara started Wellness Babe to educate women everywhere about this link using her own personal story. Wellness Babe has since evolved into a prominent women’s wellness brand that educates women in the many aspects of health.

Here at Wellness Babe we embrace and practice all things health, but we won’t give up our femininity to achieve it.  We believe in vegetables, high heels, fitness and fabulousness. Health doesn’t have to be boring. It’s adventurous, enlightening, fun, gorgeous and not to be confused with a chore.

Were changing the way women think about health and fitness. Forget anything with the word ‘diet’ attached to it. Forget magic weight loss pills. Forget the food pyramid. It shouldn’t be daunting or confusing. It should be thrilling. You shouldn’t feel tired, exhausted, or sad. You should feel sexy, energized, and fulfilled.

On the Wellness Babe blog you can learn anything you want to know about living the Wellness Babe lifestyle. That includes a  cute pair of shoes or a fab new nail color, too. ;)

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